I love sharing my knowledge and speaking at tech conferences and events. If you're interested in having me speak at your event, please don't hesitate to reach out. Topics I'm passionate about include Python, Django, GraphQL, web development, open-source, and e-commerce.

Below is a list of my selected talks:

  • GraphQL Wrocław

    Subscription Webhooks

    WrocławJan 2023 Watch

  • DjangoCon Europe

    GraphQL-first Django

    RemoteSep 2020 Watch

  • MeetTech Piła

    Building a GraphQL server in 30 minutes in Python, Ariadne and Starlette (live coding).

    RemoteJul 2020 Watch

  • GraphQL Hong Kong

    Real World Graphene

    RemoteMar 2020 Watch

  • API Days

    Real World Graphene

    ParisDec 2019 Watch

  • GraphQL Summit

    Real World Graphene

    San FranciscoOct 2019

  • PyCon Korea

    Real World Graphene

    SeoulAug 2019 Watch

  • PyCon Israel

    Real World Graphene

    Tel AvivJun 2019 Watch

  • PyConWeb

    Real World Graphene

    MunichMay 2019

  • PyCon Italy

    Real World Graphene

    FlorenceMay 2019 Watch

  • DjangoCon Europe

    Creating a GraphQL API in Python: from Django to fully asynchronous

    CopenhagenApril 2019 Watch

  • GraphQL Wrocław

    Why you should migrate to GraphQL in 2019

    WrocławJan 2019

  • GraphQL Paris

    Adding a GraphQL layer on top of a large Django app

    ParisJan 2019 Watch

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